I was having trouble doing a routine change of the tiny speaker in my hearing aid. I did not buy my hearing aids from NewSound and I am not a patient there.The man working there fixed it for me. Took less than 5 minutes of his time. That was really great and very helpful to me. However, he charged my $60 for an office visit, which I thought was too high for what he did.
Jayne Shafer, on Google
Mr. was very friendly and prompt to return calls. On my initial visit for ear molds regarding some Phantom Soundgear earvuds for hearing protection at the gun range, My insurance would not cover the cost despite other coworkers who had theirs paid for. When Mr. Beck found out 3 months later that my insurance had cha get their policies a d would now cover the earbuds, Mr. Beck called me for a new appointment. He had no obligation to do this, and I am very thankful for the superb customer service. I had new ear molds made at no cost and am now waiting for my ear buds. Thank you so much Mr. Beck!
Matt Kilpatrick, on Google
It is nice to know when I am having any questions about my hearing aids I can call and get an appt easily. David is understanding about the little details you may need help with. I appreciate NewSound Hearing Aid Centers from calling in to request an appt to David being informative and alway very nice.
Nelda Tinney, on Google
I had an appt today, the normal audiologist tech didn't do the appt, there was a gentleman from Conroe was. A totally different experience, proactive, positive, attention to detail and more thorough than the norm.
Diane Frisbie, on Google
David was very accommodating to my mother with dementia. Very thorough and very kind.
Tammie Lindsey, on Google

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