David was patient and kind with me. He seemed compassionate and willing to answer all my questions. It is a pleasure to be in confident hands. I’m looking forward to the new hearing aids and to hearing better.
Bobbie Sue Petrick, on Google
Cool place and friendly folks. Watched a video about the relationship of good hearing and dementia/Alzheimers. They looked in my ears and showed me on a screen what it looked like. Cleaned my ears better than I could. Did the hearing test and shared the results. They did not unnecessarily push hearing aids on me and were very honest with my current hearing status. Go see them.
Ken Malin, on Google
They were very professional, patient and friendly when working with my mom who has dementia. They were thorough in the exam. They were very nice explaining to us her loss of hearing, and going over the different options we had for hearing aides. I was very happy how she was treated,, and how sweet the specialist was at answering all of our questions. Would highly recommend.
cristi michael, on Google
I bought my grandma hearing aids from this Newsound. Let me tell you, this was an amazing experience. When I came in on December 23rd to get my grandma some new ears. They didn't have the ones I wanted in stock. So they gave us loaners, until the ones I ordered came in. My grandma can hear everyone perfectly again for the first time in 4 years. So the only negative thing I will say, is that if you want some high quality hearing aids. You're going to have to spend some cash. $5k seems a bit pricy for the higher end models. But definitely worth in my book. My grandma has tried cheaper ones where she gets whistle sounds, and waterfall noises. But not with these. So that's why I kept it at 5 stars. Because they really do work, with no complaints
John Mead, on Google
Great people great service! David will go to great lengths to help.
David Carlile, on Google

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